Women begin to lose their hormones in their late 30s to early 40s 

Initially, Hormonal effects on women's health typically present with difficulty sleeping, irritability, and weight gain typically in the mid-section. Additionally, it is common to develop heavier or irregular periods, experience a decrease in energy, and find it difficult to focus and concentrate. By the time you lose your estrogen, often not until your early to mid-50s, your sense of well-being has changed considerably.

Cenegenics® Denver age-management and anti-aging programs will help to restore youthful energy using Precision Medicine so that you can continue to feel great as you age.

Perhaps you have questions regarding women's health or maybe were wondering if you have to settle for looking and feeling older. While it is not possible to stop aging, our Elite Health Program can now dramatically control how we age. The most common results we get with our patients are:

• Improved texture of hair and skin
• Improved mental drive, memory, and focus
• Lowering common risk factors including getting off medications
• Simple lifestyle changes leading to effortless weight loss
• Losing dress sizes and getting more toned
• Improved energy and sleep

Our goal is better health

At Cenegenics® Denver, your women’s health, anti-aging clinic, our caring team will perform an extensive health evaluation to show you what’s out of balance and create a customized plan to get you back on track.

Treatment is centered on 4 basic principles

Low glycemic nutrition

Appropriate exercise

Directed nutritional supplementation

Correction of metabolic and hormonal deficiencies, as medically indicated

Women are so different than men | As a woman, you can safely take control of the symptoms of aging and menopause with a specialized team, who understands female aging. Our team will help you develop a healthy lifestyle and a medically supervised, personal medical treatment plan, using natural bioidentical hormone replacement when clinically indicated. At Cenegenics® Denver, we practice Precision Medicine, and will work with you to show you how to live a life of healthy nutrition, results-driven exercise, hormonal optimization to create internal balance, and the correct use of vitamins and supplements (nutritional supplementation) for your needs.

Your progress is followed and checked with periodic laboratory tests and other measures, and your program is adjusted over time to keep you on course to the quality of life and health you desire. We call it “evening the odds”—giving you the best chance for peak health and vitality for years to come. Don’t be frustrated and trapped in a body that is less than you want—you CAN do it!


For Her | Healthy female age management at Cenegenics® Denver. This is your time to be healthy, active, and happy!

At Cenegenics® Denver, individualization is everything. There is no “cookie cutter” plan or “one size fits all” program. In order to find the root cause of any problem, a fully tailored and customized plan must be created. Our expertise in female age management has helped thousands of women across the world transform their lives.

Aging doesn’t have to be hard. Getting older can be the best and most rewarding time of your entire life! Cenegenics® uses advanced testing and diagnostics to help uncover how to be a healthier you. The key to health isn’t treating symptom after symptom, it’s finding out why those symptoms are happening and what can be done to stop them for good.

Our Cenegenics® physicians are the only ones who are qualified for the task. A year-long certification process as well as rigorous testing prepares them to help patients find aging solutions that work. Only 1% of those who enter our program are chosen to be Cenegenics® certified.

Once your evaluation has been completed and the test results are in, your program can then start to be designed. This plan is based around your unique goals and lifestyle. It will help you optimize every aspect of your life, leading to a better, healthier, happier version of you.

Do you have these


Our women’s anti-aging clinic will help!

  • Poor sleep
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Poor memory and focus
  • Aches, pains, and stiff joints
  • Dull, saggy, or wrinkled skin
  • Decreased energy and stamina
  • Loss of strength or muscle tone
  • Irritability, anxiety, or mood swings
  • Concerns about your heart, blood pressure, or cholesterol

Let’s start a conversation…

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You pay attention to your outer body – now it is time to pay attention to your internal body and get into balance. Shouldn’t you have a healthy aging plan to reverse the declines of aging and protect your future health? Contact us to learn more about BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), our staff of caring doctors, our approach to age-management medicine, or anything else you may have questions about.