Telomere Testing

Finding the vitality of your cells

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Slow the Aging Process

Telomere testing may sound complex-- but simply put, it’s finding the vitality of your cells. You have a chronological age, represented by how many birthdays you’ve had. You also have a biological age, shown by how long your telomeres measure. This information is important in slowing the aging process.

When a cell replicates, its telomere is shortened and the life span of the cell is reduced. As you age, the speed of this process can slow and cause your body to stop producing healthy new cells.

Through Life Length, a leading developer of telomere analysis technology (TAT), we can use critical protocols using scalable blood and tissue sampling.

Telomerase Activation and Healthy Aging

Imagine being able to determine an accurate picture of your health, once and for all-- that’s exactly what telomere testing helps accomplish.

It’s important to know where you stand. Proactively defending your health can increase the length of your telomeres and ultimately your life. Through Cenegenics® preventive approach, age-related issues are quickly becoming more and more preventable. It’s not too late to get in front of your biological clock--we’ve got the tools you need.

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Problems Contributing to Poor Telomere Health:



Lack of exercise


Poor dietary choices


Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances

Unhealthy sleep patterns


What if you could get a peek into your true age?


No matter what the results, you could improve your health and longevity.

If your test suggests premature biological aging, we can recommend simple steps to improve telomerase activation and better manage your risk factors, such as:


Correcting Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal optimization can restore everything from your mood and energy levels to your mental clarity and libido. By correcting imbalances with bioidentical hormone replacement, we can help to reduce the adverse effects of telomere shortening. This can lower your overall risk of developing a degenerative disease or premature disability.

Nutraceutical Supplementation

Eating the right foods isn’t always enough. Even if you’re eating healthy, how do you know all of your unique body’s needs? Our nutraceutical supplementation aids in protecting against harmful nutritional imbalances. In addition, taking our TA-65 supplement can promote healthy telomerase activation.

Improving Physical Fitness

A routine exercise regimen can increase your body’s metabolism, improve your physical abilities and reduce your risk of developing diseases. Our collaboration of strength training and cardiopulmonary conditioning also prevents premature telomere shortening.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

We all know that extra fat isn’t fun, but research shows it may increase your overall risk of developing dementia or other age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease, too. These findings are in relation with telomere studies-- eating right and avoiding the wrong foods may also be crucial to good cellular health.

Adopting a Better Lifestyle

Poor lifestyle choices can cause the acceleration of telomere shortening and increase your risk for age-related diseases and disabilities. Our dynamic team of certified physicians and nutrition and exercise coaches will help you manage any lifestyle issues you may need help changing.

Live Longer!

Unlike many other forms of prevention, telomere testing can give you direct insight into how you can Defy Your Age(™)!

So, what happens if you get a bad telomeres test result? Knowing that you have a higher percentage of short telomeres could actually extend your life expectancy by taking action. It doesn’t mean that your life is bound to be shorter, it means that corrections need to be made sooner rather than later.

As the leader in age management medicine, we are proactively trailblazing the way in age defiance. Our programs are barnone, our treatment is unparalleled and our service is unmatched.

Whether you are experiencing age-related stress or physical limitations, telomere testing will give you a peek into your future--and how you can change it.


Healthy living starts today.

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