Resting Metabolic Rate

Get a look into how your body's metabolism works


In today’s society, there are more undernourished and overfed people than ever before. It’s not because of a shortage of quality food choices or healthy options, though. It’s a lack of understanding the body’s needs on an individual level that can eventually lead to low energy, increased weight gain, and sub-optimal performance. 

This is where your resting metabolic rate (RMR) comes into play.

What Is Your Resting Metabolic Rate?

An RMR test identifies the amount of energy expended daily at rest. In other words, when you aren’t running errands, rushing to meeting, or lifting things like groceries. It may not seem like it, but almost 70% of your daily energy expenditure happens when you’re sitting, sleeping, or relaxing. The results of the test estimate the total number of calories you would burn if at rest for a whole 24 hours. 

If you’ve ever counted your calories or went on a diet that didn’t pan out, this test can reveal a lot of the why’s. This is valuable information towards creating a customized plan of action to achieve a healthy body weight and increase overall longevity. 

It can be nearly impossible to effectively lose weight without understanding your body’s unique requirements.

how the test works

Because your RMR is extremely sensitive to hormonal and environmental stressors, it’s important to abstain from exercise, food, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for several hours prior to the test.

While sitting comfortably in a soft chair, you will breathe normally wearing a special mask for 15-20 minutes. The amount of oxygen consumed during this time will help us analyze how much energy was burned during that time period. This information can then be used to design a specific plan around your goals.

Unlike many common medical offices that quickly rush you out the door with hard-to-understand results, we take time to go in-depth and detail to explain your results. Your Cenegenics® physician will be able to answer any and all questions that you may have after the test. Within our Concierge medical services, we strive to create an experience, not just a process.

what you will learn

There are several important test take-aways that will benefit your health for the rest of your life. Get a look into how your body’s metabolism works!

- Which fuel source may be more optimal for your energy production-- EX. fat vs. carbohydrate
- The efficiency at which your body processes food into energy
- Any indications of a slow or ‘sluggish’ metabolism
- Suggested calories you should consume each day
- If this test is paired with a DEXA scan it can reveal your overall body composition

Using proven science-backed procedures and time-tested analysis, you can learn important results that will impact your health dramatically.

how much fuel does your body need?

It’s easy to see how guessing can lead to slow, yet steady weight gain over the course of several years. This does not have to be the case. An RMR test will show you where your calorie requirements lie so that you never have to worry about extra weight sneaking up on you.

At Cenegenics®, you’ll enjoy a customized and tailored plan that’s designed around your busy schedule and lifestyle. With this simple, yet incredibly effective test, you’ll know exactly what you need to consume to meet your goals while feeling younger, stronger, and more in control.

Your Health Matters

You can take control of your health again. Increasing your quality of life is the best investment you could ever make, not just for yourself, but your family and friends as well. Having the peace of mind that your health is taken care of and your performance is at its top is an incredible feeling.

Our team is ready to provide you with an amazing experience!


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