Our A La Carte Services

​Sexual Health: 
Shockwave Therapy Treatment

Our Shockwave Therapy Program for Men's sexual health works to promote healing and growth. Better blood flow translates to better erection quality and sexual performance. 

Some benefits of shockwave therapy

  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Decreased Refractory Period
  • Improved Sensitivity 
  • And Much More.. 

Body Fat Analysis:
Body Composition Scan (DEXA)

A DEXA Scan is the most accurate way to measure your body composition. As we age, our bones go from thick and strong to thinning and fragile making injuries much more likely. With a DEXA scan, we have the ability to scan specific areas as well as the entire body. We will be able to get a precise reading of your total overall fat mass vs your lean mass. We want you to gain a solid understanding of what is going on inside your body. 

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Follow Up

You have unlimited access to your physician, exercise/nutrition counselor and service coordinator. Follow up blood work is done quarterly and reviewed with you in detail to keep close tabs on your progress. Patients are encouraged to come in for follow up scanning and review of their lab testing if it is convenient for them. If distance is an issue, follow ups can be done via phone. Your exercise/nutrition counselor maintains frequent contact with you to help keep you on the beam. An annual evaluation is performed to assess your progress and help you refocus so you can take your program to the next level.


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