Dr. Julie McCallen, renowned Cenegenics® Physician in Denver Colorado, shares exercises, recipes and action items to have more energy. 

It Is Possible to Have All-Day Energy Again

Watch the story of how Dr.McCallen was able to help two of her patients get their energy back. 

I lost 28 pounds, added 15 pounds of lean mass

I have been working successfully with Dr. McCallen since I turned 65 in 2011. What she and Cenegenics® has made possible for me is the opportunity to again actively compete in athletics. This “second chance” has manifested in my being able to compete in International Masters Basketball for the last four years (Silver Medal in the 65+ 2103 World Masters; Gold Medal in the 65+ 2014 Pan Pacific Masters Games; Gold Medal in the 65+ 2015 Australian Masters Games and Gold Medal in the 2016 70+ Pan Pacific Masters Games).
My assessment of the program’s success is that it comprehensively integrates the three essential elements of well-being: 1) diet (low glycemic), 2) supplementation/hormone balancing (data based) and 3) exercise (tailored). I lost 28 pounds, added 15 pounds of lean mass and, most importantly, have a competitive level of energy. It is the personable, patient advocate partnership with Dr. McCallen and her state of the practice knowledge that has fostered a trust-based rapport. Her consultations around the comprehensive quarterly blood tests, engagement in working to resolve any identified medical issues and overall well-being coaching have become an indispensable part of my healthcare regimen.
Thanks Julie!


... all of the peri-menopausal symptoms were gone

Being with the Cenegenics® program was the BEST thing that we ever did but also the worst. When we started with you, it was because my husband was having guy problems and I was on blood pressure meds. Well, of course, after your blood tests, we found out there was so much more. Because of you, diet recommendations, medications & vitamins and, of course, the encouragement to exercise, our lives changed so dramatically. My husband and I both lost weight and felt better than we had since we were in our 20’s. Our sex life was something that I never knew was possible. My periods were nothing to speak of, all of the peri-menopausal symptoms were gone…
…CENEGENICS® WAS THE BEST THING EVER. YOU FOUND OUT WHAT YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL COULD BE LIKE. Cenegenics® was the worst thing ever because you did find out what your body, mind and soul could feel like. There are no other doctors out in the real world that we have tried that are like you, Julie. You are the best. We will continue to tell everyone we know about you. We will never forget what we learned.

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